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Purple Patch Principles:



Protecting the intrinsic value and potential of

every individual, making no discrimination



Sharing belief, excitement and determination



Seeking out moments of magic and working together

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Latest News

BBC Breakfast have made a film about 'Living Lives to the Fullest', a research project that we're part of which aims to explore the lives, hopes, desires and contributions of disabled children and young people - you can watch it here!

Purple Patch Arts Ltd

Registered office: Hillside Enterprise Centre, Beeston Road, Leeds LS11 8ND

Telephone: 07725 041 801

email: info@purplepatcharts.org

Purple Patch Arts is a not-for-profit social enterprise

Purple Patch exist to make things better for people with learning disabilities. We are seeking a world

where everyone has equal value and opportunity and we provide education to try and make this happen. We work across the Yorkshire region offering learning programmes to people with learning disabilities and professionals that support them. All of our programmes use creative, interactive and multi-sensory teaching methods, which we call 'The Purple Patch Approach.'


"The go-to specialists for innovative, inclusive, life changing education."



"My independent evaluation has demonstrated that pupils taking part in Purple Patch sessions develop new skills and knowledge.”


- Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole, Author and SEND Specialist, Manchester Metropolitan University  




Key Partners:

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