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“I love their commitment to a vision of arts for all that really does include and celebrate everyone's potential. Artistic revolutions can begin in small ways, and an artistic revolution could begin here...” - Ian McMillan




"[Purple Patch Arts] use focused and timely support and intervention, match individual needs accurately and support independent learning. Staff generate high levels of enthusiasm for participation in, and commitment to, learning. Consequently, the development of learners’ skills and understanding is exceptional.”


*Rated Outstanding by Community Learning, funded by the Skills Funding Agency.  Harrogate Lifelong Learning Programme.




“Purple Patch has been extremely valuable for my trainee teachers – In fact, it has made some of them reconsider their ideas about education and the type of learners they want to work with.”  

Deborah Philip, Centre Manager of Teacher Education, University of Huddersfield.




“Vicky is a wonderful practitioner – her compassion, intelligence and direct approach are a winning combination – not to mention her GSOH!”

Penelope Middelboe, Chief Executive, Shakespeare Schools Festival




“The most striking aspect for us all and noted by all the staff was the huge level of engagement and focus from all the students. The activities motivated and enthused all the students to respond through smiles, vocalisations, movement or gesture.”  

Teacher, Beechcliffe School




“Teresa has made excellent progress this year and she has made new friends. She has developed positive relationships also self confidence, this has made a successful change to her life.”  

Care Manager, Calderdale




“Purple Patch has been (and will be) a class leader in acceptance, diversity, creativity and people development through humour and hard work. Thanks for what you have done for our family.”

Martin Winbolt-Lewis, parent




“We all know that living with dementia is fraught with difficulties but to have the expertise and backing of a team such as yours has brought peace of mind to many who like myself have often wondered if there is light at the end of the tunnel”

Pamella Standish, Daughter and Carer




“My name is Rachel Barker I am 34 and I go to purple patch on Monday Wednesday and Friday. I am looking forward to coming back to work. I would like to carry on meeting up with other people. I would like to carry on doing different workshops. I would like to carry on going on the adventure”





“At a time when disabled people are facing many barriers to services, support, benefits and community opportunities that they qualify for and require, the work of organisations such as Purple Patch Arts significantly supports and documents the activism, politicisation and creativity of disabled people. Purple Patch's work is essential: we do live in a disabling society but disabled people continue to fight back. Purple Patch Arts are a key ally in this fight back”

Dan Goodley, Professor of Disability Studies and Education, University of Sheffield.  




"When Emily found drama as a way of enriching her life she was fortunate to come across you wonderful people at Purple Patch who use Arts and Drama as a way of helping your  students to reach a potential we never dreamed possible. She has developed a level of confidence and self reliance which is undoubtedly paving the way for more independent living when the time is right. We are so grateful to you all for the wonderful, genuine services and commitment you provide. Please don’t ever stop”

Parent - Judy Moorhouse




"I have consistently received positive feedback from all service users and carers who access the service and on my visits there have found it to be completely inclusive and interactive for all. [Purple Patch Arts].. is without doubt one of the most engaging and stimulating day service provisions that I have observed and offers extremely good value for money."

Tony Holloway, Social Worker

case studies and endorsements