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"What’s your favourite colour?"


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(It's kind of obvious right?!)




Who can come to Purple Patch?


If you are an adult with a learning disability and you want to come then you can. Our groups are mixed in age and ability. We believe everyone has something to learn from or give one another even if they are very different – and our team make sure that everyone is supported and challenged to a degree that’s appropriate for them.




What about people with complex needs?


We have lots of people with complex or profound disabilities who come to our groups and we will make sure that the activity suits everyone’s needs. We can’t offer personal care so if that is something you require you can bring a 1:1 support.




How do you join Purple Patch?


Get in touch with our Programmes Manager who will take some information from you (like emergency contact details and access needs) and book you in for a taster at a time and place to suit you. After your tasters we will talk about whether you would like to sign up.





Do you do transport?


No we don’t do transport. If you are worried about how you might get to or from Purple Patch get in touch and we will try to help. Sometimes we could put you in touch with a support agency who could transport you or arrange to help you with your travel training by meeting you until you know the route.




How do I pay for Purple Patch?


Most people pay for their place out of Direct Payments. If you don’t use direct payments then we might be able to organise for the money to come through your care manager, social worker or care provider.




What if I can’t afford to pay?


We can sometimes offer bursaries to people who can’t access funds from elsewhere.




Do you have volunteers?


No we don’t have volunteers at Purple Patch Arts. Though if you’re looking to get experience in the type of work we do then you might consider coming on a placement. To find out more information about placements email info@purplepatcharts.org




How did the company start?


We started in 2009 running a programme once a week in Harrogate. Our founders, Vicky, Gilly and Kay ran the workshops together, which was the start of the Lifelong Learning model. Lots of other people were interested so we started extra programmes in Bolton Abbey, Ilkley and Leeds, and it grew from there! All three founders have since moved on to pursue their own Purple Patches, but their passion, ambition and integrity guide the company on a daily basis, and we’re super grateful for the dedication, belief and hard work that has shaped the company.




Where is your funding from?


The programmes we run are self-sustaining based on people paying for their place out of their care budget. We also get grants from funders and work in partnership with other companies on projects. For more information on this see the Partnership Working section.