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in local authority settings


North Yorkshire County Council



We've been working with NYCC since 2009 to map services available to people with learning disabilities and plug gaps in need. In particular, we've launched programmes in rural areas and developed innovative volunteering and peer-led schemes.






Doncaster MBC



We've worked closely with the commissioners, learning disability managers and direct payments team at DMBC to support people with learning disabilities to access services outside the statutory day centres. In fact, those attending Purple Patch's Lifelong Learning Programme were among the first people with learning disabilities within the authority to receive direct payments.

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Leeds City Council


Purple Patch began working with LCC in 2010 through their 'transformation of day services' programme. We launched 2 Lifelong Learning Programmes in the area to coincide with the closure of day centres and provide meaningful and person-centred day opportunities. We continue to work closely with 'Aspire CBS' (the day service run by former local authority employees), who have supported us in launching two additional programmes in Leeds.







Calderdale Council



Purple Patch deliver on a joint project between the local authority and the local CCG to offer support to other third sector providers and housing associations wanting to increase health outcomes for people with LD in their settings. We offer our usual programmes which people can be referred to in order to provide options for young people transitioning and also deliver workshops within other providers’ settings.



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Selby Town Council



As part of our work in North Yorkshire we deliver services in Selby. Purple Patch's programmes are the only ongoing learning opportunity for people with complex needs in the area and prevent people travelling out of area to attend other services. We have been supported through a small grant by Selby Town Council for the last 2 years to cover the cost of venue hire at the Town Hall.



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