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Purple Patch work alongside academics and researchers across a range of disciplines to support cutting edge research on learning disability policy and practice. Our work is featured in academic studies and profiled in sector based publications. Recent work includes:















































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"Our involvement with Purple Patch Arts has allowed us to challenge conventional ways of undertaking and disseminating research using the creative arts. It has reinforced the importance of supporting people with learning disabilities to be equal partners in the process of generating of new knowledge and understanding."


– Dr Helen Atherton, University of Leeds 








Research into the social history of learning disability which was then transformed into an accessible animation and presented at the Open University’s Social History of Learning Disability conference. See the animation at https://vimeo.com/130333304

Oral history research with former residents of long stay institutions with Dr Helen Atherton, School of Healthcare, The University of Leeds.  

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Re-defining 'value' in education settings with Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole, Senior Research Fellow in Disability and Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University. See the blog for more detailed information: https://valuingcreativity.wordpress.com/

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Measuring the impact of creative learning methods in delivering healthcare with Dr Stephanie Steels, School of Social Work, The University of Leeds. *Journal publication coming soon

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Exploring the concept of 'risk' in arts practice with people with learning disabilities. Working with Dr Alice O’Grady School of Performance and Cultural Industries and Dr Stephanie Steels, School of Social Work, University of Leeds. *Conference and workshop date to be announced soon

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“The Social History of Learning Disability” Co-Authored by Director of Creative Learning, Vicky Ackroyd in Learning Disability Practice (May 2016), Volume 19, Number 4, Pages 14 – 17 http://journals.rcni.com/doi/abs/10.7748/ldp.19.4.14.s19

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We're supporting specialists 'Achievement for All' Education to look at the education experience of young people with learning disabilities in the youth justice system. With funding from the Department for Education we will train staff from Achievement for All and evaluators from Manchester Metropolitan University in accessible and inclusive approaches to both deliver work and gather data.